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Authorities has conformed Islam’s prehistoric relations with Indian subcontinent. Veteran Islamic scholar Imam Tibri and others were quoted saying that , The Father of Humanity and the First Prophet Sayyiduna Adam (A) came to India directly from the Heaven and The Mother Hawa (R) went to Jedda, Saudi Arabia. Since India nurtured one of the oldest civilizations ie. Indus Valley Civilization and it had extremely populous and prosperous human societies through out the history there is every reason to ascertain prophetic missions among them.

Once the final messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (SA) emerged as ‘The Mercy of the Universe’, he was sent forth to the whole world and his message reached every nook and corner. Evidently, Indian subcontinent was fortunate enough to be one of the foreign territories to accept the divine message at the earliest. Cravings on the Madayi mosque in the costal state of Kerala declare its construction long back in the 5th year of Hijra. Marine Trade relation between Arabs and Indians which was established years ago, paved the way for smooth entrance of the Prophetic Message. It conquered the hearts of Kerala with the glory of the message and the greatness of the followers. It is reported that the King Perumal the ruler of that time set out to see the Prophet personally and embraced Islam.

Muslims grew in Kerala day by day following the great companions (Sahaba) of the prophet. They learnt Islam directly from the companions and at the earliest stage of Islamic revolution. Keralite Muslims kept this tradition all the way upholding the religious values that they received from the prophet’s direct followers (Sahaba) and so it produced many Great Islamic personalities like Shikh Zainudheen Makhdoom who wrote text books for many old and modern international universities! The public was firmly united behind these scholars and the society was highly moral and integrated leading a peaceful religious life.

However, as per the warning of the beloved prophet, Muslim Ummah has been violently shaken by the terrorist movement in Arabia. A new outfit called Wahabia savaged the holy land killing thousands of innocent Muslims and looting their properties and that is too under the name of Islam. They blamed the huge majority of contemporary and foregone Muslims of Polytheism and disbelief and called for mass murders, devastation and destruction of all symbols of Islamic heritage including the lovely green dome of the Rawza Shareef. But they failed desperately fulfilling their devilish designs.

Unfortunately, this dangerous movement has got some followers in India especially in Kerala. It started creating problems in the otherwise peaceful Muslim society. They formed organizations to destroy the unity and integrity of the Muslim localities. People from all walks of life were very much integrated under the leadership of scholars. This outfit questioned the authority of scholars and started talking out of their own caprice in the form of a State-wise organization.
Since they realize that the community only listen to religious scholars they disguised themselves as scholars deceiving innocent and straight-minded Muslim population that is why they called the new movement Jamiyyathul Ulema.

Our Highly learned and far-sighted scholars sensed the dangerous propaganda of this outfit, discussed the threat posed by and decided to form a religious body to counter it and to uphold the true values and ideas of Islam. That historic dicision realized in the frormation of Samstha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulema the Greatest Ulema Organization in Kerala.

As this organization is exclusively for Scholars, there was a need for an organization for other sections of the Muslim society to unite against deviations and extremisms and to fully support the Ulema Organization from every facet of the social frame work. It is in this context that Samsatha Kerala Sunni Yuvajana Samgham emerged to meet need of the Hour.

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    السنة والبدعة
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