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Today I would like to write on the candid comment posted by Truth Seeker. He thinks that the confusion of my friend that I referred in the post ‘on difference’ is quite sensible and explains the reason. He cited four ‘reasons’ or ‘methods’ of people to come to the Truth/Islam and counted Using intellect being one of them.

For me, this ‘classification of reasons’ has some serious errors. It conveys a wrong notion that the first 3 classes don’t use intellect at all!

Islam includes scores of values and principles, so nobody can swallow them all at once. However, basic principles about the Almighty God and The Beloved Messenger should not be overlooked or misunderstood, Also there are undisputed articles of the religion that everybody must accept. Later on, every Muslim is expected and instructed by the religion itself to increase his/her knowledge of Islam as much as possible.

The prophet said that the only one among 73 groups is the right group. However, he clearly defines them as those who follow THE PROPHET AND HIS COMPANIONS.

There is no room for confusion. Leave alone claims and see the reality. You can look the traditions, look out for the activities of the concerned groups, and find out the right group. That is all.

In my experience when I see the right group as visible as the daylight without any kind of confusion. I cannot help being affiliated with those people. Here, I do not care at all to be branded or to be laughed at, since I have the real conviction.

Still I listen carefully and with due respect to the argument of other groups trying to strengthen my own belief and to help them find the truth. If any body thinks that I missed the truth and is kind enough to share the truth, he conceives, I humbly do request him to come on with the facts so that finally we both can share the same real Truth.

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  1. ما هي أهداف الحرب في الإسلام؟

    عشية بزوغ فجر الإسلام كانت الحرب شائعة بين قبائل العرب، وذلك بسبب انعدام سلطة مركزية واحدة، تمنع أعمال الإنتقام بين القبائل البدوية، وعندما جاء الإسلام، حرّم على المسلمين قتال إخوانهم في الدين، وأصبحت للحرب صفة واحدة وهي الجهاد لنشر الدين الإسلامي وقوانينه في أرجاء العالم، وينتهي الجهاد فقط عندما يُصبح العالم كله مسلماً تحت حكم المسلمين، وبموجب العقيدة الإسلامية يُمنع محاربة غير المسلمين قبل أن يطرح عليهم الخيار بالدخول في الإسلام، أما بالنسبة للنصارى واليهود يُسمح لهم أن يبقوا على دينهم شريطة أن يدفعوا “الجزية” .what about this opinion ? was isalm spread through
    war ?

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