Anthropocentric Worldview

We read in the Holy Quran
(2: 29) هُوَ الَّذِي خَلَقَ لَكُم مَّا فِي الأَرْضِ جَمِيعا
“He it is who created for you all that is in the earth”
and we see the following two instances scientifically upholding this declaration

1. Summer Fruits and Winter Fruits

Fruits are developed by the reproductive process in the plants. They  are delicious, and at the same time, have the vitamins and the minerals that are essential for human beings!.There are different fruits for winter and summer, each one meeting our needs. The oranges, tangerines and grape fruits, for instance, that come out in winter have an abundance of vitamin C. Vitamin C increases the strength of our body against  the winter’s cold.
During the summer, juicy fruits such as watermelons, cherries, cantaloupe and peaches come out. In the summer, the weather becomes hot, causing our bodies to lose water, and we are able to replace his water with the help of these fruits.
2. The human beings are designed to eat animals and plants (Humans are Omnivorous)

a) If you look at the teeth of herbivorous animals like the cow, goat and sheep, you will find that all these animals have a flat set of teeth i.e. suited for herbivorous diet.

If you look at the set of teeth of the carnivorous animals like the lion or tiger, they all have a pointed set of teeth i.e. suited for a carnivorous diet.

If you analyze the set of teeth of humans, you find that they have flat teeth as well as pointed teeth. Thus they have teeth suited for both herbivorous as well as carnivorous food i.e. they are omnivorous.

 b)The digestive system of herbivorous animals can digest only vegetables. The digestive system of carnivorous animals can digest only meat. But the digestive system of humans can digest both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

 This declaration is also supported by the Anthropocentric Worldview.

What is Anthropocentrism?
“Anthropocentrism is a world view that considers humans to be the most important factor and value in the Universe. In contrast, the biocentric world view considers humans to be no more than a particular species of animal, without greater intrinsic value than any of the other species of organisms that occur on Earth “.

“According to Francis Bacon,  “Man, if we look to final causes, may be regarded as  the  centre of  the World…For the whole world works together in the service of man; and there is nothing from which he does not derive use and fruit…insomuch that all things seem to going about man’s business and not  their own.”

“According to the German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724–1804), humans alone have self-consciousness. Humans are therefore fundamentally different in rank and dignity from all other beings, while animals can be treated as means to human ends.  The moral status of humans is thus awarded on the basis of “excellence.” Values are grounded in the fact that something is valuable for humans, and so human actions should be valued on the basis of their usefulness for humans.

Both scientists and the theologians have drawn on anthropocentrism to defend specific views about nature. scientists often on  the  basis of a perspective on evolution in which humans are considered  the  highest form of life on Earth, and  theologians on  the  basis of a divinely mandated right for humans to exercise dominion over nature”.

Allah has created this whole world for human beings and made them His delegates. Although it is impossible for them to fully comprehend His wisdom, he demonstrates His signs to them so that they shall keep up the divine delegacy .

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  1. I congratulate your attempt to prove the value of human beings in the world in scientific and pedagogical way of expression. If you don’t mind may suggest you that the links that you give should not wipe out your blog window from our compute so that the reader can proceed the reading after seeing the link information, thus the readability of the blog is increased. To make so you have to format the option of “new window” other than” the same window” , when you giving the link .

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