Switch It On, Let ‘Em Alone

A recent study shows that teens addicted to TV are likely to be affected by loneliness detaching from family and friends. (Gulf News)The AFP report on the study is widely published in the world media (See Khaleej Times).

Wikipedia says on the effects of Loneliness:

Chronic loneliness (as opposed to the normal loneliness everyone feels from time to time), is a serious, life-threatening condition. At least one study has empirically correlated it with an increased risk of cancer, especially for those who hide their loneliness from the outside world. It is associated with increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. People who are socially isolated also report poor sleep quality and thus have diminished restorative processes. Loneliness is also linked with depression, a risk factor for suicide. Émile Durkheim also described loneliness, specifically the inability or unwillingness to live for others (i.e. for friendships or altruistic ideas), as the main reason for what he called “egoistic” suicide.

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