Beloved Prophet as a Loving Husband

Sayyida Aisha (RA) says:
I was cutting meat.
Trying hard to cut a piece of meat and I couldn’t.
The messenger of ALLAH came.
He grabbed one side and the other is in my hand.
He said: Cut Aisha…
He is supposed to cut,
But he wanted to prove for her that she is capable!
She could cut it easily and she was very happy!
She cooked that piece and gave it to the messenger.
She said: eat O’ messenger of ALLAH
He said: you eat; he said: You eat.
You’re the messenger of ALLAH, you’re my husband, you are my prophet.
He said: You eat!
He preferred her to himself.
Although he’s the lord of prophets and messengers,
Although he’s the husband, he said: You eat first…
She took a small bite from the meat and then gave it to him.
He took it happily, and ate from the same place that Sayyida Aisha ate from.
From the same place!
Messenger of ALLAH is tracking the place I ate from!
Sayyida Aisha was extremely rejoiced.
This is the messenger of ALLAH…This is our prophet.
May Allah grant him His Peace and Blessings
May Allah guide us to follow Him closely here in this world and in the other world as well. Aameen

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