Time Management – Habeeb Husein Al Saqaf

Your time can be divided into four :

  1. The time you Do not benefit neither here nor in the hereafter.
  2. The time you benefit for your life Here more than in the hereafter.
  3. The time you benefit from it in the Hereafter more than in the life here.
  4. The time you benefit from it in life Both Here and in the hereafter.

And look at your times ,business, and needs.

  1. That you don’t benefit from neither in life here nor in the hereafter Stop it.
  2. That you benefit from in life here more than in the hereafter Reduce it.
  3. That you benefit from it in the hereafter more than in life here Increase it.
  4. That you benefit from it in the life here and in the hereafter Keep it.

How do I know if I gained benefit from my time?

Know that the benefit of time is in 2 things.

1. Getting More knowledge
2. Getting Closer to ALLAH.

Note that more money is not included in the benefit of knowledge or benefit of time.What’s the use of having more money and getting more ignorant?.

The day that its sun rises and sets and you didn’t gain more knowledge is a bad day to you.

Oh Allah! Make Every Day of Our Life Getting More Knowledge and Getting Closer to You, Aameen!

Click Here to Watch the lecture completely

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