Suicide and Bombing – Two Heinous Crimes in Islam

Today we read the sad story of explosions in Russia. This carnage has been already linked to the “terrorist groups related to the North Caucasus” which includes the troubled nation of Chechnya. Muslims are once again on defense. BBC today published another story on preventing extremism with photo of a prostrating Muslim!

Here we need to reiterate our position. It has nothing to do with our great religion Islam which advocates but Peace. Suicide is a serious crime and bombing against innocent civilians is another much more condemnable one. None of these justifies  the other at all.

I feel it is quite timely to read again what Sayyid Habeeb Ali Jifri told to Washington Post in its interview. The Question was:

What is Jihad? Under what circumstances does Islam sanction the use of violence? What would you tell would be suicide bombers who would invoke Islam to justify their actions?

“….The Islamic tradition forbids suicide; it forbids any form of harm to innocent people. The Islamic tradition advocates the rule of law in the strongest terms…..”

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  1. good effort..
    all the best

    • Thank You Mr. Basheer for Your Good Words.

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