Oh Allah , Just a Look! Imam Abdullah Bin Alawi Al Haddad (R)

ألا يا الله بنظرة من العين الرحيمة
O Allah! Just a Look from Your Gaze of Mercy

تداوي كل ما بي من أمراض سقيمة
that will cure all the sicknesses in me

ألا ياصاح ياصاح لا تجزع وتضجر
Oh my friend! my friend! Dont be anxious and burdened

وسلم للمقادير كي تُحمد وتُؤجر
Leave things to the Destiny and you will be praised and rewarded

وكن صابر وشاكر
Be of those who are patient and grateful

تكن فائز وظافر
You will become successful and victorious

ومن اهل السرائر
And be amongst The People of Secrets

الله رجال الله من كل ذي قلب منوَّر
That is, the men of Allah are those who have enlightened hearts

مصفى من جميع الدنس طيِّب مُطهر
Pure from filth; Gracious and refined

وذي دنيا دنيـه حوادثها كثيره
This world is dejected, its mishaps are many

وعيشتها حقيره ومدتها قصيره
And the life of this world is insignificant, and the span is short

تفكر في فناها
Reflect that this world does not last

وفي كثرة عناها
And has plenty of sorrows

وفي قلة غِنــاها
And little riches

فطـــــوبى ثم طـــوبي لمن منها تحذّر
Hence, blessed is he, blessed is he who is cautious of this world

وطلقــــــــها وفي طاعة الرحمن شمَّر
And distances himself from it, and prepares himself to obey Allah



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  1. maasha allah

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