“YOU & I-To my `Fundamentalist’ Friends

Wonderful contrast between  traditional Sufis  and Muslim extremists
– A  poetic perception.

You want to speak of War
I want to speak of Peace.

You say Punish
I say Forgive

You speak of God’s Wrath
I speak of His Mercy

Your Quran is a Weapon
My Quran is a Gift

You speak of the Muslim brotherhood
I speak of the brotherhood of Man

You like to Warn others
I like to Welcome them

You like to speak of Hell
I like to speak of Heaven.

You talk of Lamentation
I talk of Celebration.

You worship the Law
I worship the Divine.

You want Silence
I want Music*

You want Death
I want Life

You speak of Power
I speak of Love.

You search out Evil
I warm to the Good

You dream of the Sword
I sing of the Rose petal

You say the world is a Desert
I say the world is a Garden

You prefer the Plain
I prefer the Adorned

You want to Destroy
I want to Build

You want to go Back
I want to move Forward

You are busy Denying
I am busy Affirming

Yet there might be one thing
on which we see eye to eye

You want Justice
So do I.

Mahmood Jamal

* See this Comment


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  1. I want Music…….

    How can a Muslim accept this?????

    • The only objection from brother Mujeeb is due to the ambiguous word Music in the POEM. Music does not mean necessarily POP, RAP or other instrumental music. But It means:
      “1. an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
      2. any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious) sounds; “he fell asleep to the music of the wind chimes”” (Wordnet dictionary):
      There are many more definitions and , to the best of my knwoledge, Muslims never had any problem to accept Good Vocal Music

  2. This poem although written with very simple words carries with it huge meaning, mashallah this is a very good post… simple and meaningful

  3. You want to speak of humiliation
    I want to speak of honor

    You say compromise
    I say never


    • I am Sad to see my ‘teenage’ brother standing with extremists being infected by the deviant interpretation of the religion. Since the extremists honor themselves and their own views only , they try to humiliate everybody else including the great pioneers and torchbearers of the religion. That is bluntly spoken in the very first lines here.
      Extremism turns a blind eye to the Great Treaty of Hudaibiyya which has compromises in abundance and to the categorical declaration of the Holy Quran that “Compromise is Best (4-128)” saying that “You say COMPROMISE, I say N-E-V-E-R” . Moreover, the Muslim Nation is described in the holy Quran as the Nation of Compromise(a middle way between two extremes)
      (see sense 2 http://www.webdictionary.co.uk/definition.php?query=compromise )
      The first four lines of the reply have been proved to be more than enough to reveal the hollowness and ugliness of the extremist ideas. I hope that my brother ibnu akwa will grow out of the fragility of his age to learn the real Islam and wish him to be a responsible citizen of this Great nation.
      May Allah Bless us All.

      • mashAllah who said i was a teenager haha lol

        not gonna argue over how suffism is the methodology of the Prophet as it is clearer than the full moon at night.

        as for compromise then we don’t take the Quran out of context but rather we learn the full picture. (ie we dont compromise principle but we compromise to make peace when we have the lower hand in war.)

        as for when we have the ability to ward off the enmy then

        “They wish that you should compromise (in religion out of courtesy) with them, so they (too) would compromise with you. ” (Al Qalam 9).

        The compromise used here is of deen, as i mentioned that the sufis compromise on their deen under the pretext of compromising ‘peace’. Although we the followers of the sunnah are for peace but under what circumstances? that our people are not murdered, our women not raped and our islamic countries to be ruled with sharia as the people want and not democracy shoved down our throats.
        and peace be upon the one who follows the guidance.

        and the poem is admontion to give up suffism and to follow the sunnah. and for peace but only when our Islam is safeguarded first.

  4. the people of the world only know the word music to mean vocal tones accompanied with musical instruments. or just musical instruments. we have never known music to mean singing. and it is your method of thinking to twist the very basic meanings that people recognize that has caused you to stray away from the issues at hand to change the subject.

    • See how prejudice plays with one’s reasoning! I have already quoted from the dictionary but my brother says ‘people of the World’ do not know it!!! Nevertheless, people of the world can easily distinguish a poetic expression.

  5. I want to know what you guys think about Qitaal (fighting)fisabeelillah?

    • that it is obligatory on every muslim under 4 conditions
      1. if any muslim is held prisoner by the kuffar
      2.if any muslim land is occupied, evenbefore they capture it,when the army is amassing at the boders.
      3. if the imam calls for it (islamic statesman.)
      4.if the rows meet each other in battle

    • They think it is Hijacking of civilian flights, detonating themselves to kill hundreds of innocents women and children, rebellion against the legal authoritative government, etc… They have nothing to be based on but their own silly conclusions!

      • Then what is Jihad?

      • Dear Abu Anas,
        If You are serious to know what actually Jihad is, you have to find a well-versed Islamic scholar and get the first hand knowledge on the subject; it gives you ample opportunity to clear up any doubt that you may have. This place is not enough to deal with such a serious and significant subject. Meanwhile I recommend you the following DVD to get a basic idea on the subject.
        or listen to the following speech: http://www.halaltube.com/understanding-jihad-in-islam
        May Allah Guide us to the Right Way!

  6. nothing but corny feel good dribble. a real muslim is the middle of everything you mention as opposite to the other. not completely to one side or the other.

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