Moon sighting and Lunar Calendar

Our fathers were getting out watching the sky for the declaration of the New Moon. But today things are all overturned. People are rushing home to see the New Moon on the screen! A lot of people amongst us haven’t seen the sky for months! Let alone the Moon. Do you remember How long since you watched the Moon lately?

Here the spirit of the religion gets ignored. Islam is the religion of the Nature. Our calendar is purely lunar because it is the Nature’s Monthly calendar. The effects of the lunar cycle and its phases are evident in numerous life forms, including fish, insects, mammals (including humans), and plants as well as in waters. The menstrual period can be cited as an obvious example. Effects of new moon and full moon in the human body are experimentally and scientifically proved to uphold the recommendation of the beloved prophet for fasting on these days!!

Stunningly enough, it is the simple graphic representation of the Date, enabling even a nomadic person to find out the dates easily. Moreover, Religious events are distributed evenly through the seasons while following the purely lunar calendar. That is, for example, Ramdan, the month of fasting comes in Winter as well as in Summer.

Sadly, we see some people advocating for cesarean birth for the new moon to make a universal lunar calendar which goes straightly against the teaching of the beloved prophet and against the Nature itself. Every region of the planet has its own moon rise which applies to its flora and fauna. To alter these timings to a makeup average is merely artificial and nothing natural about it. It is just like a man starting his day at 6’0 Clock losing six hours in the dark! Muslims in many countries prefer the alternative natural clock that starts the day from the beginning rather than from the middle!

Don’t miss it !!!

So let’s watch the birth of new moon of Ramadan in the sky. The event falls on Tuesday 29th of Shaaban 1431, ie. 10th of august, 2010, approximately at 6:50 in the UAE.  It is  absolutely free of cost, and instead, we would be paid for it! The Almighty Allah wants us to see his wonderful  products on display. How many times he asked us to watch his marvelous creations? He asked us to look at the sky, the camel, the hills etc.. ,but we were busy with making money and wasting it. If you put your comment on it, you will get extra rewards! How can we put comments on his extremely stunning creations? And what we can put on them? Don’t worry! He himself mentioned the most appropriate comments in His Holy Quran

سبحانك ما خلقت هذا باطلا وقنا عذاب النار

(Our Lord! not for naught Hast Thou created (all) this! Glory to Thee! Give us salvation from the penalty of the Fire. (3-191)

Regarding Moon sighting there are special comments and prayers to be chanted while looking at the crescent. Imam Nawawi (May Allah Bless him) reports  the following  hadiths  in his famous Book, Al Adkar :

  1. اللهم أهله علينا باليمن والإيمان والسلامة والإسلام ربي وربك الله
  2. ” الله أكبر ، اللهم أهله علينا بالأمن والإيمان والسلامة والإسلام ، والتوفيق لما تحب وترضى ، ربنا وربك الله
  3. هلال خير ورشد ، هلال خير ورشد ، هلال خير ورشد ، آمنت بالله الذي خلقك ، آمنت بالله الذي خلقك, آمنت بالله الذي خلقك – ” الحمد لله الذي ذهب بشهر كذا وجاء بشهر كذا

Let us show our Lord Almighty Allah that we are prepared to welcome His Guest and eagerly waiting to accept His blessings by coming out of our home and to look for the crescent.  While some people are fearful about Ramadan and want to see it leaving, we need to express our longing to join our forefathers who started preparing for Ramadan before months!

Once Again , friends, DON’T MISS IT ! It would be an auspicious opening of a booming season of your life.

Wish you a happy and blessed month of Ramadan !


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  1. I’ll definitely make time to watch for and, insh’Allah, see that white sliver in the night sky!

  2. May Almighty Allah bless you for this precious and timely reminder for the muslim world,Jazakumullah husnal jazaa……

  3. Well done! Great reminder for Muslim Ummah..

  4. Seen your site via msn the other day and absolutely like it. Continue the truly great work.

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