French ban on face veil

It is really undemocratic to curb on one’s freedom to cover one’s body. In a country of around 62 million, struggling with serious economic and racial issues, the rulers are worried about some ‘country’ girls who are too shy to show their face in “public” places that includes “private businesses and entertainment venues.”!!!

It is strange that the president Mr. Nicola Sarkozy feels offended to see a girl not ready to show off her skin. An obvious instance of damned intolerance widely growing at the cost of much celebrated values of Liberté, égalité and fraternité.  One of those 1900 girls has this to say to the regime:

“You look at me and call me oppressed,
Simply because of the way I’m dressed,

You know me not for what’s inside,
You judge the clothing I wear with pride,

Man doesn’t tell me to dress this way,
It’s the law from God that I obey,

Oppressed is something I’m truly NOT,
For liberation is what I’ve got”

Islam doesn’t ask women to cover their face when it is needed to be uncovered.  However, it recommends the veil over security concerns.


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