Is Arabic Language Under Threat?

Publishers worry Arabic is under threat  – Gulf News
A debate in Sharjah dealt with the threat that Arabic faces today as a mother tongue.

It is meaningless to be stubborn about the language. Although it is quite natural to love ones’ mother tongue, it needs to be reasonable and restrained. Language should not cause riot but rapport among people. In Islamic perspective all languages are gifts from the God as Adam(PBUH), the first man on earth, was taught all the languages by the Almighty Allah. No language will die as long as it avails for easy and effective communication and it should die otherwise. Survival of the Fittest!
As for Arabic language, it has stood the test of time and will last until a single Muslim remains on earth. Islam uses Arabic as its language for rites and rituals and Friday sermons all over the world are delivered in Arabic since the prophet’s days except a few isolated instances of recent times . The only exception was in Turkey at the time of Turkish nationalization by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Traditionally Muslims consider Arabic as an integral part of their religion and that is why she remains active and alive today unlike her good old sisters.

On the other hand, the beloved messenger (PBUH)has already prophesied that the last day will not come untill a single man can correctly utter the word ‘Allah!’ An international conspiracy is very much suspected to eradicate this language with support from some anti-Islamic media corporations. Muslims who support these movements out of their own erratic conclusions like who call for performing rituals in local languages should eventually stand guilty for their negligence. Some people in the Arab world went to the extreme to prefer English and other foreign languages for Friday sermons saying that they follow sermons delivered in these languages better. It calls for reviewing and renewing their  loyalty to the religion of Islam.
We Hope the recent campaigns across the Arab world will boost the language and will help it maintain its esteemed historical status among world languages.


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