A Beautiful Song in Praising the Beloved Messenger

Just to share with you this beautiful Yemeni song in praising the beloved messenger. To add  to your enjoyment, see the lyric and its translation at the end.

الف صلى الله على قمر الكمال
May Allah Bless the Moon of Perfection, a thousand times

من سكن طيبة ونال ذرى المعالي
Who lived  in the Sweet City and reached the peak of Excellence

باعث الآمال فى ليل الحيارى
Who inspired Hope in the night of the lost

نوره جلى رهيبات الليالي
His  light clears  up the terrors of the night

سيدي ماكان ينطق عن هواه
My Master would  not pronounce out of caprice, a word

قوله أوحى به رب الجلال
His word was revealed  to him by His Majesty, the Lord

ذاك من أهدى محاسنه الزمان
It is he who presented to the Time, his lovely gifts

وهدى الناس الى قيم الجمال
And guided the people towards  beautiful values

حبه فرض وما الحب ادعاء
Must is to love him  and Love is not claiming

إنما نهج اتباع والتزام
But a way towards commitment and following .

بلغ المختار يا زائر سلامي
oh visitor,  give my salutation to the Chosen

الصلاة والسلام عليك يا سيدي يا رسول الله
Peace and Blessings upon You, My Master and Allah’s Messenger!

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  1. LOVE you for lovely posts!

    • Thank You Mr. Adnan,
      May Allah be pleased with us all , Aameen

  2. ITs an amazing nasheed and thanks Baqavi to give nice treat, particlarly the arabic part and translation. shukran lak

    • Afvan Ya Sayyid, Really happy to receive your comment,esp on the translation. Jazak Allah Khair


    • Thank You Brother , May Allah bless you too , Aameen

      • i really like this song.make me sad. really missed madinah and Mekah.just came back from Umrah last week. How to copy this song ?


  5. very nice song if u have more song please sent link my mail ashrafabdullacp@gmail.com

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