The Most Prestigious Custody

It was really amazing. Millions stood witnessing it and a great number of people watched it live. One of the greatest moments of our time! Shaikh Ahmad Al Khazraji , son of former Minister of Islamic Affairs and Religious Endowments in the United Arab Emirates Shaikh Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Khazraji declaring that he would hand over the most honoured custodianship of one of the Holy Hairs of the Beloved Messenger to Shaikh Aboobacker Ahmad Musliar – A charismatic leader and renowned scholar from India . Al-Khazraji’ s assistant read out the entire lineage of that honour since it was first received by the companion of the Beloved Messenger. As we all know that the khazrajee is one of the two tribes of Ansar (Supporters) who had invited the Holy Prophet to Medina and undertaken His afety and support before migration .  They have been holding this prestigious custody for centuries.

An incredible moment it was. I’ve watched it breathtakingly, wondering why Shaikh Al Khazraji wants to do it. The answer came instantly from the dais that it was at the behest of the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessing be upon Him). Oh’ God! We saw tears bursting out and ecstatic chanting from the spectators. “Allahu Akbar!!!”. All were overwhelmed to see the greatness of Shaik Aboobacker Ahmad (May Allah Prolong His Life).

The auspicious event  was at Calicut, a historic city of southern India, on the occasion of the 15th convocation and 33rd anniversary of  Markaz  Saqaafath Sunniyya.  (Website Link) It was inaugurated by Dr. Ali Jumua , The Grand Mufti of Egypt in the Presence of Dr. Omar Abdulla Kamil from KSA and other national and international dignitaries. It was announced that on Monday 7th February  2011 the public will get access to see the sacred hair.
May Almighty Allah join us all In His Haven in the company of Our Beloved Messenger, The Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).
You can Click here to read an earlier post on the most blessed hair. and Here to watch the video of  the event


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  1. Thanks for the touching letters!
    I was there at Markaz during the programme.
    May I know that who are you, really?!
    I like to add this in one bulletin of Markaz conference.

    • Brother Umar, i am really Happy to know that you are so lucky to witness the event; and It is my pleasure to see your interest to add this in the Bulletin. May Allah bless You and reward you with the best of rewards. Aameen

  2. Mashallah , Glad that you posted this, i was wanting it badly

  3. Dear Baqavi

    I am happy to read this and to know that you were there witnessing the blessed event.Let this post reach more and more in our community to create awareness among the public on how we muslims respect the blessed relics of our Prophet (SAWS).

    Literalistic views of islam are corrupting the public so this post has got much relevance.

    Happy to share that I was there in Markaz on 18th December during the launch of MEC (Markaz Excellency Club) for an official presentation on various objects of MEC.

    Shihab Thangal

    • Dear Respected Thangal,
      Delighted to receive your comment and to know about your participation in MEC.
      I wasn’t so lucky to be there to witness, but to watch live webcast of the event, through its online channel ie.
      Thanks for sharing and Best Regards,

  4. watch photos of Markaz conference 2011



  6. Alhamdulillah,I just found what I am searching for.
    Now i am requesting you to allow me for renting your words in this page for using my in my blog.

    May Allah bless us.

    • Aameen Ya Rabb, Yes Brother , Proceed. Thank You

  7. Dear Brother,

    Thank you very much.

    It was a really historic moment. May allah bless us all.


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