Ready to Receive Ramadan?

Don’t miss the beginning !

Once again the blessed month of Ramadan is coming in. Ramadan is a time of wonderful experience when a believer’s life gets rejuvenated. The beginning moments of Ramadan is most important . Unfortunately, many people are unaware of its importance and often spend this time in shopping malls or amusement venues. As we all know Ramadan is  an accepted witness for or against human being in the Day of judgement. The best thing to get it in our favor  is to show up ourselves for its reception and impress it with best possible words and deeds .

Beginning of Ramadan cannot be calculated in advance. It is the beauty of this religion to keep its followers excited for Ramadan. You can read the benefits of Islāmic calendar in this post.
There I have written the importance of looking the crescent and the special prayers to be chanted at that time. It is expected to see the New Moon crescent Of Ramadan  in the U.A.E. on Thursday  19-07-2012 approximately  at 7 :10 PM.

Scholars say that what you think of Ramadan is exactly what you can expect from it. If you think it would be tiresome and dull so it would be for you. On the other hand, if you want it to be a season of great enlightenment and spiritual ecstasy it would be so. Likewise, if you are happy to see and welcome it, it would be happy and kind to you and vice-versa. May Allah make Ramadan a season of spiritual enlightenment and Divine blessings for us. Aameen

Wish you a happy and blessed month of Ramadan !


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