A Sufi message from a Pakistani President

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Basically, a strand of Islamic extremism has been in Pakistan’s DNA since the country’s inception but it was only a strand. The Munir Commission in 1953 investigated what is true Islam and came to no conclusion. But a backlash from the Afghan war reached its crescendo with the fall of the Lal Masjid in Islamabad in 2007. Extremism has remained on a plateau since, helped by U.S. policies and the military establishment in equal measure.

Hafiz Saeed is currently the most high profile representative of this extremism which is linked to Wahabism first manufactured in Afghanistan in 1980. In India, Deoband is a harmless reform school. But in Pakistan, Deobandi/Salafi alliance is embarked on a vicious Jehad for the soul of the nation.

It is for this reason that Mr. Zardari’s pilgrimage to Ajmer has symbolic value for Pakistan and beyond.


(The writer is a senior journalist, television commentator and interviewer.)”


Conference on Sufism: Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmad Speaks

Here is the remarkable speech by Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmad, A veteran Islamic scholar from India. He is the General Secretary of the organization of Ahlussunna scholars in India and the patron of Jamia Markaz Saqafathi Sunniyya at Kozhikkode. His stands on various social, religious issues are widely discussed in Indian media and even in political circles as his mass support makes them anxious. Here we see him talking to world Muslim scholars and dignitaries in the Conference on Sufism in Cairo.

In the Name of Allah – the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Peace and Blessings be upon the leader of Prophets and upon his family and companions as well.
Respected dignitaries and audience, Even though I brought here detailed essays on the subject, i.e. Sufism: an authentic way of personal and social reform I would like to summarize it as I am late to attend this conference. As I am also coming from India, representing Jamia Markaz Saqafathi Sunniyya al Islamiyya where some twenty thousand male and female students get their education. I don’t want to elaborate on Indian state of affairs since you heard it from our brother a short while ago.
Dear brothers and respected scholars, these days we are astonished to hear some people lashing out at Sufism and insulting Sufi scholars. They say “He is a Sufi” scornfully as if he were a heretic or a polytheistic. By God, We cannot understand how they can reject Sufism. If they do so because of some pseudo Sufis, likewise, Musailama, the Liar has falsely claimed prophet hood, can they reject our prophet because of that? There are genuine and counterfeit in everything, we take the original and throw the fake away. The same is true to Sufism also. This great way of life, Sufism, that we are talking about is the path where the great pious pioneers have stepped in. Imam abul Qasim al Junaidi, Supreme leader of the Sufis once answered to a question on Sufism (Tasawuf). He said it is the purification of heart. All Sufi scholars described Sufism in the same terms. Tasawuf we follow is what Our Messenger has pointed to by the word ‘Ihsan’and described it as to worship Allah as if you see Him, although you don’t see Him, He does see you.
So purification of mind from all bad characters such as Polytheism, heresy, arrogance, greed for fame and Hypocrisy is called Taswuf (Sufism) Almighty Allah indicated this in the holy Quran as He says: “Indeed Allah conferred a great favour on the believers when He sent among them a Messenger from among themselves, reciting unto them His Verses, and purifying them, ….
Look at the verses of almighty Allah. Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) supplicated Allah to teach the people first and then to purify. “Our Lord! Send amongst them a Messenger of their own who shall recite unto them Your Verses and instruct them the Book and the Wisdom and purify them.” In these verses and other verses as well, Almighty Allah emphasizes Purification of Heart because the main purpose of sending prophets and messengers is to cleanse and sanctify people from all bad characters. Allah mentioned this in many verses and so the prophet (PBUH) in many hadiths
Dear scholars, We need to differentiate between the truth and the falsehood. We cannot accept a way that contradicts religious principles. See what Shaikh Abdul Khadir al Jeelani has said. He said in his Book Futuh Al Ghaib , Chapter One The Essentials of a Believer – Accept Allah’s Orders and Content with His judgments: He sets obeying religious Do’s and Don’ts as a precondition for entering into the Sufi Order. Shaikh Zainuddin Makhdum al Malaibari said in his book that all Sufi orders require complete compliance with the Quran and Sunnah.
The real Sufi Tariqah is stemmed from the Holy Quran and Sunnah so it can never contradict any Sharia rule. If somebody claims affiliation with Sufism, at the same time acts against Sharia rules and permits what is prohibited like alcohol, he has nothing to do with the Sufism. Sufism that we follow is what our Messenger (PBUH) has taught us. All though the term Sufism was formed many years later like all other technical terms, it has been firmly rooted in Quran and Hadith. The real Sufi, I don’t say Islamic Sufi, is the one who follows the footprint of the Prophetic way by Practicing all what is ordered and avoiding all that is forbidden. Moreover, he cleanses his heart form all rusts and dusts. Quran says: “No. In fact what they have been doing has rusted on their hearts.” Human hearts get rusted and become dirty so that we need to clean them and keep them stainless.
We seek help from Allah and all praise is due to Him.

Video: Shaikh AbuBaker Recieves the Holy Hair

Just to share the video of the event that I mentioned in the previous post. The Original video that belongs to Badar Publication, Kozhikkode, India  has been edited and I have added English subtitles. Thanks for watching!

Terrorism and Dr. Zakir Naik

Dr. Zakir Naik has been quoted saying that secularism is a big threat to Islam. http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/general/secularism-a-threat-to-islam-naik-says-1.671819

The Real threat to Islam is, neither secularism nor Christianity but the preachers like Dr. Naik , who argues to “argue with people’ without knowing the basic principle of the religion. According to him, “if you know just one word” you can go for preaching Islam and no further qualification is needed and it is the order from the God!

Strangely enough he suggests as sole solution for Muslim unity is to go directly to Quran and ‘Hadith Saheeh’ which is the central argument of Islamic (sic) terrorists. For them the widely accepted four schools of thought (Madhab) and overwhelming majority of Islamic scholars who followed these schools are ‘on the wrong track’.

The very hadith he intended to cite for his argument says that the one who goes to heaven is the one who follows the ‘way of the  prophet and his companions’ (Ma Ana Alaihi wa Ashabee) Not the Holy Quran and Hadeeth Saheeh as he says! It is a factual mistake if not a deliberate misleading. What else we can expect from a speaker who stands on someone else’s PhDs in his organization.

The way to the unity is to follow the rich tradition of Islam. The Holy Quran and Sunnah need sound and profound scholarship to understand and interpret correctly. To reject the accepted interpretations and to go directly into them is the great danger of the modern times that gave birth to Muslim terrorists in the contemporary world.

It is so shocking to hear him saying “I said that a terrorist is a person who causes terror. Whenever a criminal sees a policeman he is terrified. So for the criminal a policeman is a terrorist. In this context, every Muslim should be a terrorist to the anti-Muslim racist,”

It is wild logic. It is not Islamic at all and goes straightly against the teaching of the holy prophet – ‘Mercy to All Worlds’ as described by the Holy Quran – who was always appealing and never appalling. None should be terrified to see a Muslim. But everyone should be captivated and attracted by his noble character. Islam has spread across the world by sublime qualities of its followers , neither by hateful words nor by dreadful swords.

Top Muslim Scholars Condemn Moscow Attack

“We condemn the recent criminal terrorist attacks, perpetrated against brothers and sisters in Islam and in Humanity, in Iraq, Moscow, and Dagestan. Islam absolutely upholds the sanctity of human life, and no grievances, even when legitimate, can ever be used to justify or legitimate such murderous and evil acts. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families, and our condolences to the Iraqi and Russian peoples and their religious and political leaderships.”

Signatories (25)
1.Sheikh Abu Bakr Ahmad Al-Milibari, Secretary General of the Ahl Al-Sunna Association, India
2.Dr. Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, Grand Mufti of Syria
3.Dr. Ahmad Abd Al-Aziz Al-Haddad, Mufti of Dubai, UAE

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The Message

Islam is a way of life. Neither is it a collection of utopian ideas nor a heap of obsolete dogmas. It is the user guide issued by the Producer for His wonderful product ‘homo sapiens’ in order to get the best of usage. If applied, users get pleasant experience of a successful life here and hereafter.
He chooses  special executives with extra-ordinary qualities to present His guidance to people. They are called Messengers. Obviously, the first human being was the first messenger also; thus each and every civil society has its own messenger.
Finally the Prophet Muhammed (SAWS) has been sent for the Whole World. Since the global community has reduced to a single entity and the communications among people has become so easy the world doesn’t need any more messengers. Moreover, the guidance of the final prophet is still effective and pragmatic so that it successfully survives the challenge of time.
Enough precautions have been taken to keep the Message clear to all members of the society from the Prophet’s generation to the last.
Satan was created capable of seducing the incompetent, to test peoples’ loyalty and adherence to the divine guidance. The Almighty has maintained in every generation a group of people who will prevail over all attempts of seduction and pass the message to the next generation.
This Group is called Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaath.
Therefore, it is necessary for all human being to ensure that he finds himself together with the right people to get the eternal success here and hereafter. We read in the Holy Quran Chapter I verse 6-7:

اهدِنَــــا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ  صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنعَمتَ عَلَيهِمْ غَيرِ المَغضُوبِ عَلَيهِمْ وَلاَ الضَّالِّينَ
Keep us on the right path-The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors, Not [the path] of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray- Ameen

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