Alafasy showcases Imam Al Shafie’s(RA) lines:

Here is a harmonious blending of beautiful meaning with lovely vocals. Noted Arab singer Mashari Al Afasy sings the lines written by Imam Shafi’e (RA) that advocate patience against provocation.

قالوا سكت وقد خوصمت قلت لهم ان الجواب لباب الشر مفتاح
والصمت عن جاهل او احمق شرف وفيه ايضا لصون العرض اصلاح
اما ترى الاسد تخشى وهي صامتة والكلب يخسى لعمري وهي نباح
They said: “you are silent though accused”
“To Answer is key to disasters”, I said
Silence towards Stupid is Dignity
It keeps one’s esteemed personality
Lions look dreadful while they’re silent
But Dogs bark as they’re driven out
Imam Shafiee (R.A)


Imam Shafiee (RA) on Friendship

This morning I have tried to translate one of the wonderful poems of the great scholar Al Imam Al Shafiee (May Allah Bless him). Imam was a great miracle in the history as revealed through his works, writings and legends.I like to post a bit details on this great personality sometimes later. His poems convey a great deal of unmatched wisdom and eternal moral values. Please check this out!

If the person is not caring, but disturbing rather اذا المرء لا يرعاك الا تكلفا
Just Leave him, and don’t be sad about it ever فدعه ولا تكثر عليه التاسفا
There are substitutes in the people, it is relief to avoid ففي الناس ابدال وفي الترك راحة
despite his rudeness have patience for the loved وفي القلب صبر للحبيب ولو جفا
All you love deeply do not love you back truly فما كل من تهواه يهواك قلبه
And not all you prefer most prefer you reciprocally ولا كل من صافيته لك قد صفا
If the essence of love is not pretty natural اذا لم يكن صفو الوداد طبيعة
No good in an affection which is artificial فلا خير في ود يجيء تكلفا
There is no good in a friend who is deceiving ولا خير في خل يخون خليله
And treats harshly just after being loving ويلقاه من بعد المودة بالجفا
Who denies too the life previously accepted وينكر عيشا قد تقادم عهده
Disclosing secrets kept yesterday enclosed ويظهر سرا كان بالامس قد خفا
Good bye to the world, if there is no one سلام على الدنيا إذا لم يكن بها
As a true good friend who is just and open صديق صدوق صادق الوعد منصفا