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gulfnews : Salafist Egyptian MP assails teaching English as foreign plot

gulfnews : Salafist Egyptian MP assails teaching English as foreign plot.

 Cairo: A Salafist (ultra-conservative) Egyptian lawmaker has lashed out at Egyptian government for expanding the teaching of the English language in the schools, calling it a foreign plot.
“The aim of teaching English is to change the culture of our children since their early years,” Mohammad Al Kurdi, an MP belonging to the Salafist Al Nour Party, told the parliament in a televised session.
He was commenting on an Egyptian-US cooperation agreement to improve elementary education.
“This agreement seeks to start teaching the English language in the second grade, instead of the fourth grade as is the case now, in governmental schools,” he said.
“There is no other nation that makes a foreign language the main language of teaching in its schools. May be the only subject that is not taught in English now [in Egypt] is religion.”
Al Nour controls 26 per cent of the newly-elected Egyptian parliament where Islamists hold more than two-thirds of the seats.
Nader Bakar, the spokesman for Al Nour, dismissed Al Kurdi’s argument as superficial, and “not based on the Sharia [Islamic law] or science”.
“The comment made by Al Kurdi was inappropriate too. It does not represent the party’s view. We have referred him to a probe,” added Bakar on his Twitter account on Tuesday.

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Salafists run away from channel discussion

Extremist Salafists in Egypt unanimously decided to refuse talks with Habib Ali Al jifri in CBC Channel discussion. The discussion program with Habib Ali Jifri (amant.tv) was anchored by Khairy Ramadan and hosted leaders of various sections of the society belonging to different walks of life in a move to spread the message of religious tolerance, mutual cooperation and social harmony. After receiving formal invitation from the channel, Salfists leaders met together and settle on a total refusal.

Since long time ago, Habib Ali Al Jifri has been calling so called Salfists for serious dialogue especially after the release of a notorious audio of forged debate named “Peaceful Debate With Jifri=حوار هادئ مع الجفري “ made up of cropped clips from Habib Ali Jifri’s speech attaching their hapless replies to them.  see (al7war .net )Once they have got an opportunity to talk directly and expose the reality they have simply withdrawn!

I have had personal experiences of this kind of people running away from scholars as they have neither answers to the questions nor proofs for their claims.

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