Back(!) To School and Dar Al Mustafa

Educational institutions in the UAE are once again in full swing. Traditional Islamic Institutions generally re-open after Ramadan and other institutions also followed suit this year after an extended summer vacation.

Shopping malls and street ads celebrate the beginning of the new academic year. Thousands of lovely little feet lead to the sanctum sanatorium of Knowledge frowning at the slogan back? to school! They can’t help crying to feel humble in front of the immensity and greatness of the Knowledge that we adults are often unaware of. We have much to learn from the kids as William Wordsworth said “Child is the Teacher of Man!!

The season proclaims the importance of Knowledge. Cutthroat Competition of the modern world seeks shortcuts to richness and the whole Education arena is hijacked. Knowledge is sought for the sake of money and the education is reduced to a profit motive business .

But there are rays of hope! Educational institutes that uphold the real value of Knowledge are the light houses for the whole world. They produce torchbearers of Knowledge as it is the Light from the Almighty Allah!

Dar ul Mustafa in Tarim, Yemen is one of such institutions. Here you see some conditions for admission into the Institution. It may look odd to some but draws the difference among its counterparts as so-called centers of education.

  • The Intention to be purely for the sake of God Almighty, his satisfaction and being close to him. Give up targeting worldly possessions and looking for others belongings.
  • To be humble to learn from the beginning – in terms of his level – to learn from every teacher and to be benefited from  small and big disregarding  wealth, superiority  and status in people’s hearts.
  • Courtesy and good conduct with the teachers, students and others. Overlooking their flaws but looking at their Goodness.  Whoever works on others’ faults will lose and fail.
  • To be so devoted to his ambition that he does not pay any attention to a company or a friend which is not helpful in achieving his targets in education and purification
  • To be tolerant, to overcome anger and at the time of angriness to get himself disciplined and poised .
  • To hold the intention to engage after graduation in the service of Islam and Muslims , to call to The God and in educating people.

Check out these reports by CNN and  Al Jazeera about Dar Al Mustafa


Traditional Islamic School Fights Terrorism

Islam is based on its rich tradition. For centuries, the mainstream Islamic community has upheld the classic values of the religion and handed over to the next generation. Unfortunately there were forces of deviation through the history trying to sabotage the true Islamic principles. But it is really the divine protection that kept this religion intact. It is obvious that the radical fanatics of modern times has nothing to do with the true Islam and its mainstream population. It is only a handful of urchins whose entire ideology is to reject the blessed tradition of Islam which is widely called Wahhabi Ideology. A lot of online and offline materials are out there to be studied on the subject. The Book “Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think ” has some interesting facts based on a survey conducted in 35 nations that are predominantly Muslim or have significant Muslim populations.
However, Wahhabi leaders of the day started denouncing terrorism upon political pressure since their fatwas and religious discourses as well as their bloody history has already proved otherwise.

Check out this Al Jazeera report on Dar Al Mustafa -a traditional school  in Tarim, Yemen.

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